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Door-to-Door Transportation in Miami-Dade

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With our safe and comfortable transportation options, Divine Leisure & Activity Center makes pick-up and drop-off easy. Learn more about our door-to-door services in Miami-Dade.

Door-to-Door Transportation Services

At Divine Leisure & Activity Center, we want to make life easier for all our guests, regardless of mobility concerns. And, to save you the hassle of travel arrangements, we’ve hired a team of friendly drivers, ready to bring you our flawless door-to-door transportation services.

With our fleet of spacious and reliable vehicles, our clients can enjoy a safe, fast, and smooth ride to our center. Always on time, we will pick up and drop off our members right at their doorstep, no matter the weather or traffic. To learn more, call us today!

A fleet of spacious and reliable vehicles


Door-to-Door Transportation Miami-Dade
Our Services
  • Financial Assistance Orientation
  • Door-to-Door Transportation
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Personal Care
  • Social Services
Our Guarantees
  • A Supportive, Inspiring Environment
  • Professional Care
  • Engaging Activities
  • Door-to-Door Transportation
We Serve
  • Miami-Dade
  • Hialeah
  • Miami Lakes

A Comfortable, Stress-Free Trip

At Divine Leisure & Activity Center, we’re committed to offering top-notch service and a superior customer experience. And our convenient pick-up and drop-off transportation is no exception. To ensure a comfortable and stress-free trip for all our guests, we hire trustworthy and compassionate drivers with experience assisting populations with reduced mobility.

Our patient and courteous transportation team will accompany seniors throughout their journey and offer additional support as needed. And for your peace of mind, our high-quality, durable vehicles are regularly cleaned, inspected, and maintained. Call our daycare center now for more information; we also provide financial assistance orientation, meals and snacks, personal care and social services.

A team of patient and courteous drivers


Door-to-Door Transportation Hialeah

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